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Precautions to Take When Using Online Fax Services for Business

With modern technology, online fax services are slowly replacing traditional fax services in businesses. Unlike the traditional mode of faxing online faxing does not necessarily require a fax machine. More businesses are opting to use online fax because it delivers the information and documents directly to the recipient’s address.

The question of how safe online fax is will always be critical to these businesses. The good news is that online faxing are safe especially if you put into account some security measures. To be safe, below are precautions to take when using online fax services for your business.

Safe Cloud Storage

If the service provider for the business provides secure cloud storage, then you can easily store all the sensitive and confidential documents in this storage without worrying about hacking, theft or even being stolen or mistakenly discarded by employees. Cloud storage for online fax services increases the security level.


Secure Web Connection

It is the first thing you need to find out from your service provider. Check information on security from the website of your service provider. Ensure that the web interface for your cloud storage for online faxing, comes with a secure connection and that you are guaranteed that all your log-in username and passwords and other credentials are private once sent to the provider’s website.

Secure Sockets Layer Encryption

The use of high-grade secure sockets layer (SSL) means that your documents transmission is encrypted through the creation of a secure tunnel which is protected by a 128-bit, 192 bit or even 256-bit encryption. The use of these highly advanced encryption standards (AES) means that the information and documents you send remain safe and secure as it is transmitted from your business to the server of your service provider. SSL also ensures that you always browse on a secure site.

Read the Privacy Policy

Carefully read the privacy policy of your service provider. This will help you understand how they handle your private information and documents. The policy should clearly state that the providers will not release any information about you as the sender and about those you are sending to, unless under a directive by a court of law. If you do not understand something, ask for clarification.

Service Provider Reviews

Finally, check the reviews of your service provider from other clients. If there are any complaints, then you can be sure that the provider is not up to the task. An excellent provider should also not be too expensive.

Online fax service remains more secure than traditional faxing especially because it offers encryption and the fax is delivered to the recipient directly. Incorporate these precautions into your business to make your online fax services even more secure.…

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How to Find Web Design Clients

Do you own a web design company and you are looking for the various ways of finding clients? One of the challenges that much company face is finding clients yet there are thousands of clients out there looking for suitable clients. The cannington based web designers are some of the best web designers out there.

For your company to be in operation, you need financial stability which can only be secured by the clients. Let us look at different ways in which you can find the web designers.

Write proposals

proposalsOne of the ways of finding the web design clients is by writing proposals. Proposals are a great way of finding new web design clients and are also an excellent selling tool since it allows you to have a conversation with the client that you are trying to sell the idea.

You will get many clients when you write a proposal because of its formal nature. Since many companies are formal in nature and love having document evidence they are likely to hire your services.

Job boards

You can also get web design clients through the various job boards. Having multiple clients is one of the best ways of ensuring that you grow your profits and secure your business financially.

You may decide to make use of the different third-party website when you are looking for clients. Consider freelancing websites like Upwork and Fivver that has plenty of clients with web design assignments.  By placing multiple bids on several projects, you are likely to get new web design customers.

Cold pitching

Cold pitching is another excellent way that you can use to secure web design customers.  You can either write emails to the potential clients, make phone calls, or meet them personally and try to sell your idea.

Since the use of telephones might be expensive, the use of emails becomes a great alternative. You can reach to may potential client via a single email. Make sure that you explain yourself and the services you offer correctly and invite the potential clients to contact you for further clarification.


create Whenever you get a web design customer, and he assigns you a task, makes sure that you do it professionally. This is important because he might have a colleague or friend who needs the services in future.

If you did a fantastic job, he is likely to recommend you, and this will build your clientele. You should, therefore, leave your customers with your business contacts so that they may quickly refer customers to you whenever they have that opportunity. Watch the video below for more information on how best to find the web design clients:…


Effective Ways of Preventing Data Loss

For any business, data loss is crippling. This is in greater heights in cases where the business is in the big data age. In this stage, refining of marketing is done through digital information. The same case applies to processing transactions and contact prospecting. It is vital that the chances of data loss are reduced in the data management strategy. Data loss should be prevented from occurring in the first place. Data loss could result from the reasons listed below
1. Failure of the hard drive
2. Deletions that are accidental
3. Malware infections and computer viruses
4. Theft of laptop

Outlined here below are the effective ways that you can use in protecting your data from unauthorized access and loss.

Using share-level and using file-level security

To keep your data off from others, setting permission should be your first step on both folders and files. If your network shares have data, the setting of share permissions should be done. This will help in controlling user accounts cannot access and what they can access all of your files across all networks.file security

Back up often and early

Backing up of data regularly is the best way to protect your data from loss. The question that disturbs most people is how often they should backup their data. This is personal as it depends on the amount of data you have and its importance. In the windows, there is a backup utility present. This can be useful in performing of basic backups.

The wizard mode can be used in simplifying the creation and restoration of backups. One can also manually configure backup settings. In the case of jobs that are automatically performed, you can backup them. Other sophisticated options can be performed using the third-party backup programs.

Diversify your backups

It is always essential that one has one than one backup. There is a general 3-2-1 rule. For anything that is very important to you, ensure you have three backups. The backing up should appear in a minimum of two different formats example in the hard drive and the cloud. Since there can always be damage to the physical office, it is recommended that you always have an off-site up

Applying of this share level permissions cannot apply in cases where an individual is using a local computer in which the storage of data is done. File-level permissions are used in cases where more than an individual is using a computer. Security tab is used in the setting of file-level permissions. Compared to share-level permissions, file-level permissions are more granular. In any of the cases, permissions can be set for either groups or accounts, and one can deny or allow access levels from read-only to full control.…

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Factors Considered When Choosing a Software Development Company

Choosing a good software development company is one of the crucial steps that are needed when executing your idea. There are many software development companies that make the selection process very tricky. The objective of these companies is providing long-term solutions to businesses.

Most of these firms have a well-trained team that helps them in creating different software from scratch. The following are some of the points that need to be taken into account when selecting a software development company.

Company’s technical skills and expertise


Get to know if the company is experienced in handling such projects. This involves finding out about their skills, experience, and knowledge of their team members. They should have the technical know-how of the latest technologies especially those that are similar to your domain. Other crucial features that you should look for include adherence to deadlines and communication skills.

Know your requirements

What are your company’s requirements? Identify its needs and the problems it’s facing. The solutions should also be analyzed before finding a software developer. Knowing this requirement will help you in choosing the right firm for you.

Company’s reputation

The reputation of the firm with its clients is another crucial factor that needs to be considered. Talking with different clients and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each company are the best way of getting a good firm.

Their passion

You should choose a company that is providing the best possible solutions. Those that are just interested in making money should always be avoided. The firm hired should understand your project’s requirements. They should be ready to offer useful suggestions and ideas.

Size of the project

Some of the big companies try to avoid small projects. The size of your project, whether small, medium or large, will help you in selecting the right firm for your project.

Your budget


Sticking with your budget is another important thing when choosing a software development company. Avoid buying an expensive solution as this might make you bankrupt. Again, going for a cheap firm is highly discouraged as this might compromise the quality of the services delivered. Make sure that the cost being offered is suitable for your budget. It is also advisable to check if there any additional or hidden cost before signing a contract.

Custody of data

The safety of your company’s data is very important. This should be discussed before getting into partnership with any firm.…