Vaping Compared to Regular Smoking

With the growth of smoker in the world, it isn’t a big surprise when technology would merge with smoking, creating an exciting innovation called vaping. Nowadays smokers are torn between two type of smoker, the one who’s smoking regular cigarettes or those who’s more into vaping. Perhaps you’re a regular smoker that’s curious or at least wondering why people are into vaping and if it’s better than smoking a regular cigarette. If so, then you don’t have to wonder anymore as we’ve written some pros of vaping when compared to regular smoking. Read more to know about it.


This is probably the first reason why so many people quit smoking a regular cigarette and opted for vaping instead. With vaping there’s a lot of flavors, starting from the casual ones to the ones that you can’t even think about such as bacon-flavored liquid nicotine, which is strange but it exists.


checkupNo, we are not going to say that vaping is beneficial for your health, because it’s still harmful to your health. What we’re going to tell you is that even though vaping is always detrimental, it is much better than smoking a regular cigarette. Some people also quit smoking by going vaping first.

Cost Efficient

Sure vaping can be a bit costly since you have to buy the device and the e-liquid. In the long run, it’s saving you more money rather than smoking a pack of cigarette a day, and the e-liquid can last longer than you thought, depending on the size, some e-liquids can last for a month. So, if you want to smoke without burning your wallet, consider vaping.


regular cigarEver gone to date and you wanted to smoke, but you don’t want the scent to turn off your date? If so, vaping might be an option for you. First of all, you don’t have to go to the smoking area to vape, and even if you do the smell won’t linger on your clothes as bad as a regular cigarette. Second, you can smoke whenever you want, and lastly, you won’t be looked as bad as a smoker.…