What You Need to Consider When Buying a 3D Printer

3D printer

These are the best printers in the current market. They are used in building models such as figurines, cosplay materials, phone cases and musical instruments. Ideally, they are advanced machines that offer endless possibilities. Outlined here below are the essential things that you need to know before purchasing a 3D printer.

Types of the Printer

3D printers come in different models and designs. These include the most famous FDM printer. Other include stereolithography and selective laser Sintering. Most of these printers rely on the state-of-the-art technologies which produce physical things. The FDM is used in creating models by forcing out the heated plastic. FDM can be obtained easily, but the other two models are quite expensive.


The price of these devices is determined by several factors such the output’s quality. High-quality machines cost more than 1,000 USD. The simple models cost about 100 USD. This is ideal for starters. The professional ones can go up to 2,000 USD.money-price


The main types of materials used in 3D printing are polylactic acid and acrylonitrile butadiene. They become soft when heated and solidify whey there is a drop in temperature. The average cost of one pool is about $50. The material chosen depends on the look of the desired product. Again, you should remember that some printers do not accept these two materials.

Custom-build printers

Making your 3D printer is cheaper than buying a new one. However, the process involved when building one is time-consuming. Anyone who is interested buying one should purchase a pre-assembled machine. This will help you in saving time especially if you do not have the required skills of building one. Alternatively, you can obtain one from the local market.


This should be the priority when using these devices. Users should take the necessary precautions when using them. These printers are known for producing a lot of heat. Make sure that you do not get burned when printing. In addition to this, these devices are known for emitting fumes some of which that are toxic. Lastly, users are advised to use food-grade plastic for these printers.3D printer


Everyone is interested in producing high-quality products with a printer. For you to achieve this, you must take into account the following two things; resolution and speed. The print resolution determines the final details of the product produced. It is measured in microns. High resolution is obtained you have small microns. The speed of the machine is also important. It will determine the number of copies produced in a given time.